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Speaker´s presentations

Per-Olof Egnell


Per-Olof Egnell, Projektledare
Telefon: +46 70 298 88 95

In Midsummer Week, 19-20 June, the Arctic Light e-He@lth Conference ALEC 2012 took place in House of Arts in Luleå. Leading politicians, business leaders, operators and public sector officials from all over Europe convened to discuss the healthcare of the future.


Agneta Granström, host of the conference and Chairperson
of the AER e-He@lth network, Norrbotten County Council

From idea to implementation – where are the obstacles?
Daniel Forslund, Chief Strategy Officer, Health Care Development,
Vinnova, Sweden

European Strategies for Developing and Implementing
Telemedicine/e-Health Services 
Silas Olssson

Coffee and Exhibition

Insights into Interregional Cooperation
Petra Polaskova, Communication Adviser, INTERREG IVC Information Point East
A successful approach and example of transfer of telemedicine services by Regional Telemedicine Forum, RTF 
9 European regions deliver good practice guidelines and policy
recommendations in Telemedicine.
Hasse Petersen, Project Manager, RTF, Region of Southern Denmark

Lunch and exhibitions

The way forward
Policy recommendations for wider implementation of
Peeter Ross, MD, e-Health expert, Estonian eHealth Foundation, Estonia [EST]

Possibilities and challenges with an ageing population - Stakeholders and policy-makers´panel
Moderator: Steinar Pedersen, CEO, Tromsö Telemedicine Consult [NO]
Francesco Bortolan, Director of Capital Planning and Investment Control Service, Veneto [I]
Antoni Dedeu, International Officer of the Ministry of Health of Catalonia, [ES]
Jean-Michel Guerre, Vice President of the Regional Council of Auvergne, [FR]
Gaida Krumina, The European union of Medical Specialists, [LV]
Marc Lange, European Health Telematics Association
Peter Ross, e-Health expert, Estonian eHealth Foundation [EST]

Coffee and exhibition

Parallel sessions for Chronic Disease Management

1. Good Practice Guidelines for Chronic Disease Management - lessons learned
Cardiovascular Disease, CVD

GPG - Content and usability
Janne Rasmussen
Project Manager, OUH Odense University Hospital, Region of Southern Denmark [DK]

Implementation of GPG - a political viewpoint
Dr. Toni Dedeu, Senior International Officer - International Affairs and Health Cooperation. Ministry of Health, Catalonia [ES]

Implementation of GPG - a practical viewpoint
Anne Reoch, Clinical Lead for Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease, The Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, Scotland [UK]

2. Good Practice Guidelines for Market Facilitation

How to facilitate telemedicine market development for SMEs at regional level - Challenges, key success factors and good practices
Mireille Ghys, Solidarity & Health Project Manager, region of Auvergne [F]
Norbert Paquel, Engineer and Telemedicine expert, Region of Auvergne [F]

3.Good Practice Guidelines for legislation and Strategies for IT Support

Strategic legislation? On legal issues and e-health strategies
Leif E. Nohr
, Senior Legal Adviser, Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST), Region of Northern Norway [N]

Regional strategies for IT-support of chronic disease management - initiatives and challenges
Elin Anne Breivik, Economic Advisor, Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST), Region of Northern Norway [N]

Summary and closing – Day 1, Prize Award

Midsummer activities and official dinner at Gammelstad World Heritage Site
Transfer from the hotels Elite and Quality to Gammelstad and back again.
Welcome to the tratidional Midsummer celebrations on 19 June 2012. Midsummer is the most Swedish of celebrations and takes place when the sun is at its highest and nature at its greenest. Midsummer night is captivating with its soft light and the magic and witchcraft that it brings about, according to ancient beliefs.


Welcome address, Day 2
The House of Arts/Kulturens Hus, City of Luleå
Agneta Granström, host of the conference and Chairperson of the AER e-He@lth network, Norrbotten County Council

Understanding patients’ and health professionals’ perspective on e-Health to build confidence and acceptance
Walter Atzori, Senior Programme Officer, European Patients' Forum

09.40-10.25 Parallel Sessions
A.1 Change management
Moderator: Kenneth Sjaunja, EU Coordinator, Norrbotten County Council [S]
Transforming Health Care Delivery: Governance and Change Managemant,
Dr. Joan Cornet Prat, CEO, TicSalut Foundation; Department of Health, Catalonia, [ES]

Tackling the changes accompanying e-health implementation
Dr. Marina Lupari, Assistant Director for Nursing Research & Development, Northern Health & Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland [UK]

A.2 e-Health Innovation systems
Moderator: Stephan Schug, MD, Chief Medical Officer, European Health telematics Association

The eHealth Innovation system in Region of Southern Denmark
Christina E. Wanscher, International Consultant at Southern Denmark Health Innovation, Region of Southern Denmark [DK]

Health innovation and technology, the role of higher education institutes´
Eveline Wouters, Lecturer, Department of allied health professions Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven [NL]

Coffee and exhibition

10.45-11.45 Parallel Sessions              
B.1 Patient Empowerment
Moderator: Anders Olauson, President, European Patients´Forum

Patient Empowerment in Smart Care
Edwin Mermans,
Policy officer International Affairs, Region of Noord-Brabant [NL]

Thinking of the bigger picture: How Estonia designed future healthcare
Madis Tiik, MD, Scientific advisor for the EU eHealth Task Force group [EST]

The Swedish e-society
Åsa Zetterberg, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions [S]

B.2 Funding e-Health
Moderator: Ourania Georgoutsakou, Senior Policy Coordinator; Assembly of European Regions, AER

Founds for Health and eHealth in the EU programmes
Terje Peetso, MD, Policy Officer, ICT for Health Unit, Directorate General Inforamtion Society and Media, European Commission

Petra Polaskova
, Communication Adviser, INTERREG IVC Information Point East

Success Factors for the Effective use of EU Structural Funds
Barrie Dowdeswell, Director of Research, European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (ECHAA) [UK]

Lunch and exhibitions

Now we make the future! - How will future health care look and when will we be there?" 
Moderator: Steinar Pedersen, MD, CEO, Tromsö telemedicine Consult [NO] 
John Matheson, Director of Finance and Information, Scotland
Eva Leach, Center of eHealth in Sweden
Joan Cornet, Ticsalut
Anders Olauson, European Patients Forum
Agneta Granström, County Council of Norrbotten    

Summary of ALEC 2012 and introduction to parallel workshops                

Coffee and exhibition 

Workshop programme
e-Health and telemedicine experiences from the County of Norrbotten

C.1 MOMENTUM Workshop
Introduction to the EU-project MOMENTUM and presentation of three case studies.
Moderator: Claus Duedal Pedersen, Chief Consultant, Odense University Hospital [DK]

C.2 eHealth Innovation Center, EIC
“The Next Step” Presentation from the e-health Competence center
Moderator: Siv Söderberg, Professor in Nursing and Jan-Erik Westerberg, CEO, eHealth Innovation Centre, Luleå University of technology

C.3 Stakeholder Collaboration
Presentation about regional services and solutions for collaboration between different organisation in the Norrbotten County
Moderator: Catherine Melby, Project Manager, IT Norrbotten

C.4 ICT Governance and Operations
Presentation about the strategic operations of the Norrbotten County Councils ICT Division
Moderator: Magnus Persson, IT strategist, Norrbotten County Council

C.5 eHealth solutions in clinical practice
Presentation of existing e-health services in Norrbotten County Council
Moderator: Susanne B Andersson, Development strategist, Norrbotten County Council

24 juni 2012
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