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Care in a different county council/Vård i annat landsting



How and when can you receive care in another county council? Here, you can read about what applies.

Unplanned care

If you should suddenly become ill or have an accident, you have the right to receive care at the nearest health care facility. You will then pay the patient charges that apply there.

Planned care

You can also receive planned care in another county council. This applies if, for example, the care you need is not available in your county council or if you choose to receive care in another county council. You can then choose a care provider at a health or care centre anywhere in Sweden without a referral.

If you would like to visit a specialist outside the county, you require a referral from a district medical officer, specialist at a hospital or doctor in private practice in Norrbotten. You can also receive treatment that is carried out in Norrbotten, such as an operation or chemotherapy, in another county council. You will then need to have the care confirmed and a referral issued by a medically responsible doctor at a hospital.

Freedom of choice for patients

Freedom of choice applies to all state-funded care. The County Council will pay the care costs, but you are responsible for travel and accommodation. You are also responsible for filling in the choice of care form and sending it to the care provider you have chosen.

Regional care and highly specialised care are not covered by the choice of care

14 mars 2012
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