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Care guarantee/Vårdgarantin



An act on greater patient rights has been in force since 1 July 2010. It includes a care guarantee, which means that you have a right to planned care within a certain time and that as a patient or close relative you also have the right to individually adapted information on every contact with the health care service.

Responsibilities of the health care provider

You have the right to individually adapted information and care within the terms of the care guarantee. If the care centre cannot offer you care within the set time limit, the health care staff should actively help you obtain care elsewhere, at no extra cost to you. You will have to pay the patient charges that apply in the county council or region in which you receive the care however.

How does the care guarantee work?

The care guarantee is often called 0-7-90-90. The numbers represent the maximum number of days the county council may take to provide its services.

0 means that you should be able to contact primary care by telephone or on location on the same day.

7 means that you should be able to book a time with a district medical officer within seven days if you are deemed to need to see a doctor.

90 means that you should be given an assessment by a specialist at one of our hospitals or at another care provider within 90 days of a referral decision.

90 means that your treatment should have been started within 90 days of a decision on treatment at one of our hospitals or another care provider.

More about the care guarantee

The care guarantee applies to care that can be planned in advance. The time for examinations and investigations ahead of a visit or treatment do not count as part of the time limits that apply to the care guarantee.

The time until the visit and treatment may exceed 90 days if you and your doctor agree on it. It may also exceed 90 days if there are medical reasons that a procedure cannot be carried out earlier or if a time cannot be set in advance, for example, in the case of an organ transplant.

The care guarantee does not regulate whether care should be given or the kind of care that is relevant. The guarantee only regulates the time limits within which you should be offered care.

Contact your care centre/practice for more information about the care guarantee and care in the county.

14 mars 2012
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