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How does the dental care service work in Sweden?/Hur fungerar tandvården i Sverige?



On these pages you can read about how the dental care service works in Sweden and find out about dental care for foreigners and refugees. There is also information on teeth brushing for children and adults.

Adults and children have a choice of dental care. This means that you can use Folktandvården (the Swedish Public Dental Service) or go to a private dental practice.

The same treatment regardless of dentist

The County Council offers dental care through the Swedish Public Dental Service, which provides general, specialist and hospital dental care. You will receive the same specialist dental care whether you choose the Public Dental Service or a private dentist.

What does it cost?

Free dental care for children and young persons. Just about all dental care is free for children and young persons up to the year in which they turn 22. This applies to the Public Dental Service and private dentists who accept children.

Patient charges for adult dental care

The charges vary depending on the care provider. Ask the dental staff at your practice what your treatment will cost.


Call the practice at which you have booked a time and cancel in good time if you cannot make your appointment. Otherwise you will have to pay the appointment fee.

Emergency dental care

Daytime on weekdays
Call your dental practice.

Evenings and weekends

For less urgent cases such as a lost filling:
Contact your dental practice the next day.

For serious and urgent cases, such as accidents and infections that affect your general health:
Call 1177.

Financial aid

National dental insurance
As an adult, you are entitled to an annual dental care allowance of 300 or 600 SEK. This is paid automatically by Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) to your care provider. There is also high-cost protection, which means that you will be given more financial support for dental care exceeding 3000 SEK, calculated over one year.

If you cannot afford dental care

If you cannot pay for dental care, you can receive help to apply for a loan or to split the cost. Not all dental practices offer a payment plan or dental care loans. Sometimes a social security payment may be a solution. You should then contact the social services in your municipality.

Do you come from another country or are a refugee and need dental care? Read more via the links in the menu on the right of this page.

14 mars 2012
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